The Journey of ARRAY: Looking back and looking forward

It has been a rollercoaster of a journey to get to this stage of being able to announce that it is time to open the doors of Array and welcome you all into a dining experience like no other. 

As the name suggests, Array will offer food, experience, entertainment and nightlife, making it a local destination to visit time and time again, with community at the heart of the venture. 

And with a venture such as this, it is so important to look back and recognise what has enabled it to come to fruition. Many of you may be familiar with the well established restaurant and bar, The Shepherd & Dog, which has provided us with amazing British food served in an atmosphere of warmth and friendliness for so many years. 

Our owners, Kem and Nadir are both proud members of the local community, and as frequent customers of the original Shepherd and Dog, have used the fundamentals of what this renowned pub meant to the local people to create a new and exciting venue. 

From the diverse menu offering an array of cuisines, to the array of atmospheres provided by the different rooms within the restaurant, the new venue remains true to the fundamental endeavour to create a space where there is something for everyone.  

Array is the destination in Essex where everyone can come together under one roof to create unforgettable memories. We aim to be a new hub for the community in Essex, offering an experience catered to you.

Kem and Nadir